Steve: Okay, I will go to Market I will be right back

Robin: okay.

(Cuts to Steve in market)

Steve: okay where should I buy?

Herobrine: I think you should buy this! (scene cuts to prison)

Steve: Where am i?

Herobrine: you will be here forever (laughs)

Steve: Nooo...

Notch: I will save you

Steve: Notch!!! you came to save me!!!!

Notch: Yes I came to save you!

Robin: we all came to save you.

Steve: wow guys thanks for saving me!

All: No problem

Herobrine: (Singing I hate Steve I always hate him (the wall explodes and shows the titans)

Robin: end this now!

Herobrine: Never!!!!!

Notch: Time to be out of the game!

Herobrine: Noooo! (Herobrine disappears)

All: Yeah! (THE END)