Hey there, and welcome to Total Drama Titans. Last episode the campers competed in a Talent contest. There was a couple of surprises but worst of all, Blackfire read Jinx's diary about a secret crush she had on one of the campers, i think they know who that is.unfortunately the Killer Bass lost and sent Speedy home and Jinx managed to get back at Blackfire just fine. Who will be eliminated in this episode of 




Episode 6: Survival of the Fittest

(Cheshire wakes up and sees on of speedy's arrows laying next to her with a note saying)

Note: miss ya most of all, for a cat

signed Speedy

Cheshire: what........

(with the Killer Bass)

Kid Flash: so Jinx wanna walk together to the camp 

Jinx: ill pass 

Kid Flash: is this about Blackfire reading your diary

Jinx: no 

Kid Flash: come on, but hey i wanna hear some more of that music

Jinx: well your not going to *she walks away*

Blackfire: well poor you, looks like we know whose out next

Kid Flash: Blackfire, that was pretty cold, what did she do to you

Blackfire: what do you expect from a villain

Kid Flash: but reading her private diary out to the whole world, way out of order

Blackfire: meh, i thought you'd like it, seeing as you were the one she was writing about, anyway i gotta go to the campsite, later speed boy ANGEL, STARFIRE......STARFIRE

Starfire: oh Robin.......hello

Robin: hey Star, have you been feeling ok, youve kinda not spoke to us for a while

Beast Boy: yeah dude, come on spit it out 

Starfire: i know what you really thinnk of me 

Blackfire: STARFIRE COME ON SIS, oh what are they saying to you now

Robin: Blackfire, i knew you'd have something to do with this 

Blackfire: do with what.... come on Starfire lets go

(they leave) 

Raven: well that was weird

Robin: im gonna get to the bottom of this

(with the gophers) 

Argent: so, your power is to conduct electricity and do whatever you want with it, cool

Killowat: yeah, but not as cool as yours, Heat is a lot more useful

Argent: well, if you say so... im glad we met

Killowat: yeah, thanks Argent your pretty cool

(argent blushes and smiles)


(at the campsite)

Control Freak: today's challenge is to spend a day surviving in the woods

Raven: yaaaay (she reads book) 

Control Freak: the first team to get here first will win the challenge and the other team will be voting off one of their players 

Billy Numerous: i hate the outdoors 

Billy 2: me too 

Billy 3: me three 

Billy 2: i say we skip it 

Control Freak: if you skip it you'll be eliminated immediately. Now heres a map to show where your team shall be bunking, their the same length so don't worry. Whichever player comes first wins invincibility and if you cheat by using your powers to make something to eat you'll be also involved with the elimination and scrub the toilets for 2 weeks, we'll be watching.

Robin: i love camping, don't you Star 

Starfire: um........yes (she walks to Blackfire and Angel)

Robin: i think they've got her under some kind of spell

Cyborg: ugh who cares Robin

Robin: what, ugh whats wrong with you today 

Cyborg: nothing, nothing at all *his eye flashes a brighter red* 

Robin: (he turns) weird

  • Robin* 

so first Star and now cyborg, perfect

  • Cyborg*

ugh he feels so important that hes leader

  • Starfire* 

my sister is saying that Robin and the rest of the titans are tricking me so they can mock me

  • Raven* 

(she reads book) what

  • BlackFire*

hey, Starfires chosen me and me only, Robins just gonna have to accept that

(the Killer Bass walk) 

(Private H.I.V.E marches up the hill and passes Jinx)

Private H.I.V.E: so...........your diary was cool

Jinx: yeah......awesome

Private H.I.V.E: just gonna walk ahead (he walks ahead) 

Jinx: you do that...i hate Blackfire, i hope she gets voted off

Raven: me too, so that diary of yours  (she smirks) 

Jinx: ughhhh....(she walks away) 

(with the gophers) 

(Cyborg looks at map) 

Cyborg: says here that camps straight on, but we need food 

Gizmo: so, we can just get berries from that bush

Cyborg: wow berries, a feast for a king

Gizmo: better than what you can do

Cyborg: oh really *his hand turns into a toaster and toast pops up* You were saying?

Gizmo: grrr

Gnnark: *he points at a bird* gnnar????

Cyborg: yeah that's a bird dude (he eats toast) Want some

Gnnark: ????

Cyborg: take that as a no then....

Herald: man dis is good 

(Wilderbeast eats)

Angel: is this even allowed

Cyborg: sure it is

Blackfire: oh please

Kid Flash: not good enough for little miss perfect

Blackfire: shut up 

Starfire: yeah shut up

Kid Flash: you foolin for this Star

Starfire: fooling (she looks at her sister) 

Blackfire: don't listen to him, hes with the titans (they walks away) 

Cyborg: so, we need some firewood 

(with the bass)

Raven: (sits next to a sad looking Beast Boy) Its Terra, she nearly killed us, get over it 

Beast Boy: guess your right, Terra was no good to me anyway, sorry for shouting at you Rae Rae

Raven: don't sweat it, and don't call me Rae Rae

(Beast Boy smiles)

Bumble Bee: Wheres aqualad with the food

Aqualad: right here, you know im not feeling comfortable eating my own kind

Pantha: yes but what else do we do PANTHA SAYS WE MUST EAT

Wondergirl: yeah, you dont have to eat it 

Jinx: so anyone know how to cook 

Beast Boy: well usually Cyborg cooks for us

Bumble Bee: yeah mas y menos are our cooks

Mammoth: we just order a pizza with the money we steal

Robin: come on guys, ill cook it. (he leaves them over the fire) you gonna have some 

Aqualad: ill pass thanks 

(it turns night) 

Beast Boy: (he yawns) im going to bed

Raven: yeah me too

Red X: ooooooooo

Raven:.............shut up

(they go) 

Bumble Bee: ima get some shut eye too

Mammoth: (he eats fish) Yo wykkyd you gonna have some 

(Kyd shakes his head)

Mammoth: ok then (he eats it)

(with the Gophers) 

(they all eat the toast) 

Herald: i need more 

Cyborg: wow, you keep eating my toast your gonna get a wicked bad tummy ache

  • Herald*

i cant help it, i just really like toast

  • Cyborg* 

he really burns out my systems*

Herald: im not full yet though

Cyborg: my batteries are going down,i need rest,g, night

(he shuts down) 

(after all the campers from both teams go to sleep it turns 3:00pm)

( Blackfire wakes up then wakes Star and Angel)

Blackfire:psst guys i got an idea follow me

(they go to the Killer Bass's camp) 

( Kid Flash sees them) 

Kid Flash: oh no you wont *he follows*

Starfire: why are we here 

Blackfire: SHHHHHHHHHHHH were gonna sabotage

Angel: that's kinda cheating 

Blackfire: yeah but its the only way were gonna be the final 3 now watch *she blasts a hole in the ground* When they come out kets just say their gonna have a tunnel of a problem

Kid Flash: really thats the best you can come up with

Blackfire: UGH you followed us you...

Kid Flash: yeah, now you better go get your butt to our campsite before you get eliminated 

Blackfire: highly unlikely, but ill go*she flies away with Angel and Starfire* 

Kid Flash: hmmmm (he runs there but first puts a "step to the other side sign next to the hole") 

  • Kid Flash* 

just to be safe, Blackfire is pretty clever


(with the Killer Bass) 

Robin: huh step to the other side???? who put that 

Beast Boy: dude its probably a trap that the Gophers put up

Raven: or Control Freak 

Mammoth: yeah screw signs (he chucks it away then falls into hole getting stuck) oops...

( Robin, Beast Boy and Raven try pulling him out) 

Robin: its no use 

Beast Boy: dude what do you eat 

(the rest wake up) 

Robin: yo pantha, use a little help here

Pantha: the Pantha accepts as she pulls her fellow contestant out (she pulls as hard as she can) 

Robin: come on Pantha

(Pantha pulls him out but his trousers fall off) 

(The bass laugh while Jinx facepalms)

Mammoth: WHAT 

Bumble Bee: guys come on we best be on our way (they run until Private H.I.V.E falls in) 

Private H.I.V.E: oops 

Red X: yeah were getting somewhere 

(with the gophers who are already on the run)

Kid Flash: ill scout ahead, just to see if they beat us here (he goes faster then comes back) there not there yet they might be- WOAH (the trips and the rest of the campers trip over him)

(with the bass who managed to get Private H.I.V.E out and they see the gophers and they trip over them) 

(they all get up and run) 

Kid Flash: wait first one there gets invincibility (he looks at mas y menos) 

Mas: en su (they all go fast)

Kid Flash: later (he zooms there and Mas y Menos trip over a rock but then come second) 

(after all the players are there, Billy Numerous and Kole race to the finish) 


(Kole runs past) 

Blackfire: nope (she blasts tree secretly and it falls in front of kole) 

(Billy goes around it and is in the lead then duplicates himself) 

(The Billies win by a centimeter) 

(the screaming gophers cheer) 

Control Freak: THE GOPHERS WIN Bass to the camp, but wait....Cyborg

Cyborg: what

(Control Freak plays Cyborg cheating by eating the toast on his massive TV)

Cyborg: come on man

Control Freak: you to the campsite too, maybe you should be checking your hearing (the Bass laugh) 

(at the campsite) 

Control Freak: Killer Bass and Cyborg, one of you will be eliminated, but who will it be, marshmallows go to Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Jinx, Kyd, Aqualad, Bee, Wondergirl, Hotspot, Pantha, Red X, and Kole. So H.I.V.E, Mammoth and Cyborg, one of you will be eliminated. Next marshmallow goes to............H.I.V.E 

Private H.I.V.E: YES

Control Freak: Mammoth and Cyborg. Mammoth, you basically held your team up when running and Cyborg, you cheated and of course the ass are gonn vote for you. So anyway the final marshmellow goes to........................Mammoth

Mammoth: OH YEAH

Cyborg: aw man whatever, ill win it next season. (he walks onto boat of losers and it leaves)

Blackfire: finally 1 titan down 4 to go

Starfire: wait 4.....

Blackfire: oops i mean 3, forgot you werent a titan anymore, but together we'll go in the final 3 

Angel: what about me

Blackfire: yeah you too 

Control Freak: well, that's shocking, could Blackfire be planning something, its all out on