Hellohellohello and welcome back to Total Drama Titans. Last Episode the campers played a hunting game using Paint ball guns. There was some sly moves, arguments and TOTAL 

Starfie: craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazyiness

anyway it was Private H.I.V.E who went from the island since chicks shooting themselves with paintball guns is his weakness.....i know. Anyway this episode your gonna want to stay tuned for so hope your watching 





(at the dining room)

Blackfire: Angel, me and Star have been so generous to give you 1 more chance, but you blow it this time then your not getting far

Angel: i dont care, heck even if i do get voted off at least im away from you and your tacky makeup 

Blackfire: what did you just say 

Cheshire: shes got a point

Blackfire: grrr stop encouraging her 

Angel: forget it Blackfire, you'll never win this

Blackfire: you'll be eliminated first 

Angel: will not 

Blackfire: both of you will 

  • Blackfire* 

Whats with her, what did i do 

  • Angel* 

i dont see why she has to be  jerk to me, just cause i left her dumb alliance 

  • Cheshire* 

hey i know im a villian but doesnt mean i dont wanna help people, how does that even work

(they have an arguement) 

Kid Flash: girls 

Jinx: wow, now suddenly you think they're annoying 

Kid Flash: not you heheh your like the best girl here cause you dont.......annoy

Jinx: yeaaaaaaaah 

( the rest of the H.I.V.E five come ) 

Gizmo: Jinx why you talkin' to this walnut head 

Jinx: why im not allowed to hang with people 

Mammoth: but hes a hero

Jinx: so..... have you got a point 

Kyd Wykkyd: .............................  

Kid Flash: come on Jinxy 

Jinx: please dont call me that (they zoom away)

Gizmo: grr this has gone on long enough, we gotta take the Kid Flash out

  • Gizmo*

nah no spoilers 

Billy Numerous: how???

Billy2: yeah, we can just shoot him with somethin' and then knockem' out

Gizmo: guys, i have the perfect idea....(he grins) 

Control Freak: CAMPERS, TO THE SITE 

(at the campsite)

Control Freak: todays challenge, well since its mah birthday (he pulls string and confetti blows from roof and a banner saying "Happy Birthday CF"

(its silent) 

Control Freak: (he holds a smile for a minute but then sighs) nevermind, your challenge is to cook a 3 course meal for, mwah

Raven: something tells me im not gonna enjoy this one

Control Freak: you will work with your team to make delicious meals for me and i shall judge them at 10, Team with most points wins the challeneg and the losers, one of you will get packin' so go to that truck over there and pick what you need, but you cant come back there so grab as much as you can 

Kid Flash: got it (he grabs a load of food and zooms) 

(they all take some food) 

Blackfire: now as im the leader of tgis team im head chef now i thi- 

Cheshire: who makes you leader 

Blackfire: well seeing as im the smartest one here i guess.....

Kid Flash: yeaaaaah not buying it 

Blackfire: too bad im head chef 

(with the bass) 

Robin: so who here knows how to cook 


Jinx: i guess i can.........cook pasta 

Robin: ok first course sorted 

Kole: well if i had Gnnark we could have found some wild exotic fruit 

Robin: i could make a lil' bit of meat and eggs for our main course 

Red X: sounds more like breakfast than a course

Wondergirl: and we have just the ingredients i need to make a famous amazonian cake

Robin: lets get to it then 

(with the gophers) 

Argent : oh oh i can make my famous mango cakes, man Control Freak would cry at the delicious taste

Blackfire: well i choose what to make since you know.... im head chef, Kid Flash make the beef stew for starters, im making the desert and the rest of you can make the roast with the Gammon, Chicken, Vegetables, Potatoes, Gravy etc. Now Angel pass me the eggs 

Angel: pass them yourself 

Blackfire: do you want our team to win, if it doesn't were voting you off

(Angel throws the eggs at her but she catches them)

Blackfire: your a really bad thrower 

Angel: fine CATCH (she throws a bag of flour on Blackfire)

  • Angel* 

wow, didnt know she got concussion, at least shes out of the challenge and were free to make what we want.

Kid Flash: really Angel

Argent: guess im making my mango cakes after all 

Killowat: im sure they're gonna be great 

Argent: thanks 

(with the bass the pasta is done) 

Jinx: done

Robin: perfect and now im nearly ready too, hows the cake going 

Wondergirl: great 

(Blackfire walks up to them with an icepack on her head)

Blackfire: ooo whatcha makin'

Robin: thats none of your business, get back to your own team

Blackfire: cant, lil accident in the kitchen

Wondergirl : Kole, could'ya get me some more mangoes please

Kole: coming 

(Blackfire sticks her leg in front of Kole who trips)

Kole: WOAH 

(the mangoes fall out of the bowl and onto Robins Main course)  

Robin: done WOAH (the course falls on the floor) KOLE 

Kole: oh i am really really really sorry, ill clean it up swear oh i am sorry, please please please forgive me 

Blackfire: looks like you have a.....accident here i best go (she goes) 

  • Blackfire* 

what......come on we couldn't let them win 

Robin: (sigh) i guess it was an accident, but i don't have enough time to make another, what can we make

Kole: .... ive got an idea.....(she takes the cook book)

(with the gophers) 

Kid Flash: great were done 

Cheshire: just in time too 

Control Freak: CAMPERS TIMES UP, Gophers your up


Kid Flash: here (he passes him the soup) 

Control Freak; (he takes a sip) hmmm 5    Gophers = 5      Bass= 0

(Jinx passes him the pasta) 

Kid Flash: oh your a cook too 

Jinx: not that much 

  • Jinx* 

i only really know how to make toast and pasta and that's it........ wouldn't call myself Racheal Ray

Control Freak: hmm 4     Gophers = 5     Bass = 4


Control Freak: GOPHERS

( the roast appears in front of him ) 

Mas y Menos: ¡buen provecho!

Control Freak: (he eats some) 7          Gophers = 12    Bass = 4 

Robin: Kole is it done 

Kole: just....about....DONE 

(she passes a Chicken Cacciatore ) 

  • Kole* 

i just followed the instructions 

  • Robin* 

wow, she just made amends 

Control Freak: (tastes and then beams) its a 10 

( the Bass cheer )      Gophers = 12  Bass= 14


Control Freak: the best part, Gophers

Argent: try one of my tasty mango cakes, its bound to be an adventure for your buds 

(he tastes one) 

Control Freak: its a 6    Gophers = 18  Bass = 14 

( Wondergirl gives him the cake ) 

Wondergirl: try it

Control Freak: (tastes) not bad at all, Its a......7      Gophers = 18   Bass = 21  

(the bass cheer) 

Control Freak: congrats Killer Bass, Gophers see you at the camp oh and Blackfire is not in the votes as she......yeah

Blackfire: YES, nice knowing you Angel 

(at the campsite) 

Control Freak: so Bass this is wher-

Argent: mate.....we know 

Control Freak: T-T.........First marshmellows go to Starfire, KidFlash, Blackfire, Billy, Gizmo mah bro, Cheshire, Mas, Menos, Argent, Wildebeast, Killowat and Gnnark. 

Blackfire: hehe

Control Freak: now Herald and Angel, Last marshmellow goes to............Angel 

Herald: aww come on man, what'd i do 

Pantha: its not about this one, its kinda bout' the boat one, we just thought you made the wrong choice 

Herald: whatever guys, (he leaves n the dock of shame)

Control Freak: thats out trumpet player gone, whose eliminated next, who can you trust? on