There's a Parasitic Twin in Your Eye is a fanmade episode of Teen Titans Go!.


Robin finds a parasitic twin in his eye.


The scene cuts to the Titans are doing a hobby. Cyborg is doing burpees, Starfire is writing a document on a notebook, Raven is reading a book, Beast Boy playing with a yarn, and Robin ready to have his birdarangs and staff. Crime occurs, and it was the HIVE robbing a bank. Robin tries to fight Gizmo but he got hit and his mask flew away! Robin screams and finds out there is a parasite in his eye socket. The H.I.V.E. were in either in disgust or in disdain how did they react if they saw a parasitic twin in Robin's eye. Starfire tells Robin what's going on and shows her the parasitic twin. Starfire screams in fear and saw Raven. The parasite wasn't that scary. Robin calls it his own "mini-me". The parasitic twin punched Gizmo in the eye.



  • It is rumored that it was a "serious" episode.


  • The third episode that Robin's parasitic twin appears. First was "The Mask" and "Beast Boy's Saint Patrick's Day Luck and It Was Bad"
  • The fourth episode to have Robin without his mask. The episodes were Driver's Ed, Uncle Jokes, and the Mask.
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the thirty-third time.
  • This is the second episode to have Cyro as a debut. The first was "The New Girl".



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