A New Villain named majack has debuted




Beast Boy




The Titan's are revealed to know a new villain that's very strong and undefeated arrives in jump city majack is seen in a bank stealing two bags of cash the titan's appear and fight him but surpriselt majack seems to steal the part powers of the heroes he then steals robin and raven's power then raven say's unbelievable this guy is crazy then 5 gigantic robot's appear to be in majack's side and 5 of them look colored like the teen titan's. jump city is being wrecked badly and honestly brother blood appears and hypnosis the titan's and majack and brother blood find a device that can make the entire city of jump city gotham city of darkness so the titan's wake up fastly and hang in there and do there very best but they keep suffering and resisting. the titan's are getting scratches and damage but still keep going on robin and cyborg then fires a birdarang and missile on the device and the device then is seen being damaged and broke but majack won't give up the sky clears back to normal majack then say's think you can defeat my 5 gigantic robots of you the titan's are seen sending flying and getting crushed by few buildings and then dead majack is seen in a victory mood as he crushed the titan's