[A scene begins with Cyro battling a slime monster with magical ice powers]

  • Cyro: Now here's one to you, slimy freak!

[Cyro uses ice breath on the monster causing it to freeze]

  • Cyro: I cannot believe it! I'm only there!
  • Jinx: Wow, you make a good superheroine.
  • Cyro: Thank you. I heard that you changed your ways.
  • Jinx: I know. I seem to like Kid Flash, also.
  • Cyro: Your boyfriend?
  • Jinx: I know. You should ask the Titans. They were good at fighting crime.

[scene cuts to the Titans Tower]

  • Robin: Titans! Good news! A new member of the Honorary Titans have arrived!
  • Starfire: The arrival? Isn't that the new girl who have the icy of the powers?
  • Robin: Yes. She's here!

[Cyro comes in the scene]

  • Cyro: What up, fellas?
  • Beast Boy: Cyro!
  • Robin: Cyro! You're still here.
  • Cyborg: You're pretty.
  • Cyro: Thank you.
  • Cyborg: We have the letters, "C", "Y", "R", and "O" on our names!
  • Cyro: I know right?
  • Cyborg: Yeah right! Let's eat fried chicken together!
  • Raven: And that means we get to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus?
  • Starfire: And give Silkie the wash-up?
  • Beast Boy: And play video games?
  • Cyro: Yes, my dear friends.
  • Robin: Good. You're a Honorary Titan.
  • Cyro: I am?
  • Robin: Yes. Yes you are.
  • Cyro: That's very amazing! I could go meet the other Honorary Titans!
  • Robin: Sure. You could go ahead and meet Melvin.
  • Cyro: What was that supposed to mean?
  • Cyborg: Melvin is a girl who is about 11 years old and lives with Timmy Tantrum and Teether.
  • Cyro: I could go ahead and talk to them.
  • Raven: Good.
  • Starfire: I love the Melvin! She's the adorable!
  • Cyro: That's kinda nice to talk to her like that.
  • Robin: And remember, don't mess with everything you see. OK?
  • Cyro: OK.
  • Beast Boy: Awww, you go girl!

[Beast Boy high-fives Cyborg. Scene cuts to Cyro walking around the street as she sees a cute little girl with blonde pigtails and blue eyes]

  • Cyro: Why hello, adorable little girl. What's your name?

[The girl is revealed to be Melvin, who is holding Bobby's hand]

  • Melvin: I'm Melvin. And who are you?
  • Cyro: I'm Cyro. And I'm here to help you out on how to fight crime.
  • Melvin: Who knows? Crime is gone, forever!
  • Cyro: Yes, I know crime is not there but when crime starts, we and the Titans attack!
  • Melvin: I'm waiting for Bobby, Timmy, and Teether.
  • Cyro: Now where did Jinx go?

[Tenebra appears with purple aura around her hands as the other H.I.V.E. members, except Jinx, appear]

  • Gizmo: Cyro the snotface! Welcome back.
  • Tenebra: Remember me?
  • Cyro: The H.I.V.E.! Not Jinx. She's a heroine. Jinx!
  • Jinx: What is it?
  • Cyro: The H.I.V.E. are still here!
  • Melvin: What are you doing here?
  • Gizmo: I want the H.I.V.E. to rob a stupid bank for babies!
  • Jinx: Not for babies but I didn't join the H.I.V.E. yet.
  • Tenebra: Well, the bank is just boring as heck, I'll that take back anyway! [throws a bag of money at Jinx as Jinx groans in pain]
  • Jinx: Ah! Who are you?
  • Tenebra: We're the H.I.V.E.!
  • See-More: You're not part of the H.I.V.E. yo!
  • Cyro: Yo?! Who you calling yo?
  • Billy Numerous: He says it at the end of the sentence.
  • Mammoth: We know that. It makes him feel cooler.

[The Titans appear defending Cyro]

  • Robin: Getting dissed, huh, H.I.V.E.?!
  • Gizmo: Robin the Teen Wonder! Wanna get dissed, huh? Actually, Starfire never get dissed before, but you're still ticked!
  • Beast Boy: Gizmo is a short baby!
  • Gizmo: What?!
  • Cyborg: [laughs] Baby!
  • Robin: Stop that! Gizmo will get annoyed!
  • Robin: Titans Go!

[Cyro runs and uses magical blue aura but Tenebra trips her over, making Cyro's upper lip quiver]

  • Tenebra: You ain't going anywhere to fight!
  • Cyro: Seriously?

[Raven grabs Tenebra and throws her out the wall]

  • Raven: I ain't afraid of you, shadow girl!
  • Beast Boy: I take it like a man!

[Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and attacks Billy Numerous' clones]

  • Cyborg: Stand back!
  • See-More: No way, yo!
  • Cyborg: Oh yeah? [Cyborg dodges See-More's lasers]
  • See-More: Hey! Why me? [Starfire taps on See-More's shoulder] WHAT?! [Starfire zaps See-More]
  • Starfire: Clorbag valbernelk!
  • Beast Boy: You're fighting like a lady, Tenebra!
  • Tenebra: I know. But I'm stronger than you before! [Cyro and Tenebra fight, but Cyro kicks Tenebra in the crouch, making Tenebra scream loudly and Cyro grabs Jinx]
  • Cyro: You'll be safe!
  • Jinx: OK! [Jinx uses magical bad luck on Tenebra]
  • Melvin: Bobby! Attack! [Bobby attacks Mammoth]
  • Robin: Really, Melvin?
  • Cyborg: She's a Tyke Titan! She's only a kid!
  • Gizmo: Melvin's the weirdo who has Bobby attacking Mammoth!

[Gizmo beats up Robin]