The Titans find out that slade is back the story starts with the titans doing stuff in the living room Robin like's read young justice comics Starfire Tickles Silkie Beast Boy Sleeps as a cat and Cyborg is Watching webster Raven meditates then the alert bell rings Robin say's oh no its slade. Starfire says im sure the slade has gotten more stronger than the last time. after that the titans are in the city as they see slade. Slade says hello titans we meet again Robin then say's we wont lose too you Robin Quickly Attacks Slade Slade Dodges his Attack the other titans start to attack slade but there getting crushed alot as Robin Slade says now this city will be mine as im the most strongest villain ever Starfire says what should we do to stop the slade hes too powerful after that Robin we keep going and try our best Raven then says but Robin our health and energy is getting weak and down Robin says to raven so who cares we just need to keep going and try our very best are you with me titans then all of the titans agree with robin. Slade Hires terra as his apprentice again


  • Slade
  • Robin
  • Starfire
  • Beast Boy

    Slade in the picture

  • Raven
  • Cyborg