Robin: well titan's ima go on another boy's night out with kid flash and the new hero deronni

Cyborg: sounds cool man wait what?! your not inviting me or beast boy

Beast Boy: What?!

Robin: of course not you two are lame and im not inviting Raven or starfire too

Raven: Hey! at least i don't even care

Starfire: i wish you the best night robin :D!

Robin: thank's star

Robin: well see ya titans *driving through window with R- Cycle*

Deronni: hey robin how's it going

Robin: nothin much buddy B)

Deronni: that's what i like to hear man B)

Robin: where's kid flash O_o?

Deronni: oh he went to the bathroom

Robin: ok so you guy's wanna ninja pranks on people

Deronni: Yeah i would like too!

Robin: Great!

Kid Flash: ok im back from the bathroom hey robin

Robin: kid flash how are ya?

Kid Flash: Good i guess

Robin: so are you in doing ninja pranks with us :D

Kid Flash: um.. no i would wanna go out to eat at zippy's and get a soda

Robin: ok then zippy's and soda it is

Robin: so the other day i like had to ask starfire to hang out in her room and she just said she likes me so much as a brother.....

Deronni: lol that starfire isn't getting very along with you yet know what i mean best friends

Robin: yeah so whatever im not even sad with her

Kid Flash: oh ya dudes! we get 3 boxes of pizza which means?!

Deronni and Robin: PIZZA PARTY! :D *both at the same time*

Kid Flash: Eat's Pizze like a animal

Robin: :D eats pizza crazy

Deronni: LOL you guy's are acting like sooo hilarious

Robin: Communicater Rings *Beast Boy Speaking* Robin can me and cy join the night please :(

Robin: uh.... fine whatever just get her and we'll be waiting outside of zippy's pizza

Deronni: What happened Robin?

Robin: it's just two of my teammates wanna join the night out and we have to wait for them so anyone don't go anywhere

Kid Flash: you know you should let them in since it maybe is cyborg and beast boy

Robin: yeah correct

Beast Boy: Yo yo yo how's it going guy's

Deronni: nothing much Beastie

Cyborg: im so happy as crazy!!

Kid Flash: that's what im talking about cyborg! *gives him peace style*

Deronni: Robin aren't you gonna come? are you even ok dude

Robin: no :( i just felt very lonely because i think cyborg and beast boy are better than me

Deronni: Hey i know that those two are so funny and awesome but i have to say your one of the titan's and you can be very awesome

Robin: your right i shouldn't feel bad or sad i think it's about hanging out with friends and be so hilarious with them

Deronni: that's the spirit

Deronni: common let's go have a soda

Robin: yeah ok :)