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None I Want to be Water
This is the first episode of the PokeTitans series by Maple. This episode focuses on Eevee on his quest for 'special moves' like the other PokeTitans have. It's also the first episode of Season 1.

Scene 1

Eevee: (gets out of bed) (yawns) Good morning, Titan Tree! (blows whistle) Ditto! Electrode! Gastly! Jigglypuff! Are you not awake?

(no answer)

Eevee: (goes downstairs) WHYYYYYY?????

Gastly: (yawns) (levitates coffee and takes a sip) Eevee, you've been acting so weird lately. What's your problem with sleeping in? I mean, did you have to fight Golem yesterday? You were up at least half the night. And can you please stop sleep fighting? Ugggh!

Eevee: (drains cup of coffee) I know what I'm gonna do! Do you know where to find a... umm... Fire Stone?

Gastly: (sighs) (summons copy of Legends, Myths, and Stories That Mostly Only Ghost Pokemon Know) (flips pages and stops on a certain one) Forty-three: The Myth of the Legendary Bird Trio. Many days ago, there were three mountains. The first mountain was made of ice and snow. Inside it lived the first of the legendary trio. His name was Articuno, and he had full control over ice and snow. His mountain was his to rule. Separating the third bird from the first was Zapdos, who lived on a mountain with much more electricity than normal. Zapdos, the second legendary bird, ruled that mountain. Zapdos was the sister of the other two birds. On the other side of her mountain was a volcano, controlled by the Will of the third and last of the trio, Moltres. That brother's emotions caused his volcano to be deadly, until Zapdos and Articuno managed to trap their youngest brother inside his own mountain. Of today, the legendary birds live inside their mountains in peace, and perhaps the third bird has learned to control his emotions and keep his mountain a dormant volcano. If you want to find a Water stone, Thunder stone, or Fire stone, the Legendary Trio's mountains are the best place to look. (gives Eevee a map)