Scary Figure Dance Deleted Scene is a deleted scene from the Teen Titans Go! Halloween special, Scary Figure Dance. The scene was deleted because it contains sexist content.

Scene Info

Beast Boy and Raven were ghosts so they decided to fall in love and hug but then Jinx and See-More arrived, hugging in fright, shaking. The ghosts were interrupted by See-More and Jinx and they can have a better romance than the ghosts. Beast Boy ended up sliming See-More.


[romantic music was heard]

  • Beast Boy: It's the first time we met, Raven. Since we were ghosts, we could fall in love, mama.
  • Raven: Wow. Why thank you. (blushes)
  • Beast Boy: Yeah. It's a pretty good romance.
  • Raven: I could see Jinx and See-More falling in love as well.

[scene cuts to Jinx and See-More hugging themselves in fright, shaking apprehensively]

  • Jinx: Wow. Ghostly love. [shudders in fear]
  • See-More: Yeah. I gotta tell them. Hey ghosts!

[record scratches]

  • Beast Boy: Oh no! See-More!
  • See-More: Gizmo was supposed to get rid of you, but you were ghosts and you fall in love with each other? But how come?
  • Raven: He and I were dating!
  • Jinx: Wait, what?!

[Beast Boy and Raven share the kiss]

  • Titans and HIVE Members (except Raven and Beast Boy): (in disgust) Ew! That's so gross! [turns sick and pukes]
  • Jinx: That's so disgusting. You know kissing is gross!
  • See-More: Oh my! I have to tell them. Hey ghosts! Stop kissing or else I will call 911!
  • Beast Boy: Never!
  • See-More: Never, my foot!
  • Jinx: We were dating once!
  • Raven: Oh my...gosh! [turns furious]
  • See-More: You dirty little rats! You're not very scary!
  • Beast Boy: Oh yeah? Beat it! [ends up sliming See-More like the same thing he and Cyborg did to Billy Numerous and Gizmo]
  • See-More: Aaaaaaah! [sighs] Okay, they're being morons now.
  • Jinx: [sarcastically] Yeah, sorry about that! We're gonna call 911 to put you back into your own bodies, anyway. [now scared] Let's get out of here!

[All HIVE members run off]