Teen Titans Go! Fanon Wiki Rules

  • When editing please try your best to use good grammar and not bad grammar.
  • Please don't edit other stories unless you're a admin or had permission from the user who made the story. (Expection: Fixing Typos and Grammar)
  • Don't spam with useless pages, unless people are willing to fill them up later. (Ex: "Bob is a guy.")
  • When editing character, don't put fake information of the character of someone else's stories.
  • Do not steal other people's artwork unless they gave you permission to use it.
  • Do not steal other people's ideas and use them as your own.
    • Using other people's OC's without permission is also bad.
  • Do not advertise wikis unless your an admin.
  • If you want to use the CY-Raiders for any reason, please contact, admin, Fire guy 888[1]

Chat Rules

  • Don't have flame wars.
  • Don't argue with other users.
  • Don't spam emotes.
  • Don't spam the same word a lot of times unless you have a reason to.
  • Don't be mean to other users.