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Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, H.I.V.E Five (except Tenebra)



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Velvet is red and Robin is blue

Red Velvet is a Fanon character made by 303melosi and is voiced by Grey Delisle.


Red Velvet used to work at H.I.V.E Tower, but Gizmo dared her to. Red Velvet stopped working and now being apart of the Teen Titans. Since she fought bad dudes she had powers to confuse the bad guys into trouble. When Red Velvet figured out her best friend Tenebra replacing Jinx, she was worried that Tenebra would get tricked by the other members. So Red Velvet was lonely in her room, until Cyro came to cheer her up. Red Velvet tries to figure out who Cyro is by telling her when the alarm goes off.


Red Velvet is a kind, a little shy, and nice girl with no abilities, except by using good luck. She's also in junior high school in 6th grade. She also likes TV drama's like Teen Titans and Super Girl. She also has powers to trick people.

In Velvet is red and Robin is blue she introduces herself to the Titans. She tells a story about how she used to be with the H.I.V.E, but Robin thinks she a villain. So Robin decides to do something with Red Velvet so he wants to do a test on her. But suddenly Tenebra approaches Red Velvet and takes her away. Raven was mad at Tenebra and tracks her down with Red Velvet while Starfire was playing with Slikie. Robin plans to destroy Velvet, but Starfire honestly wants to save her along with Raven, Rosso, Fugeo, Psychigue and Cyro.

Meanwhile at H.I.V.E Tower Tenebra is kinda worried what would happen to Velvet, but Gizmo just shrugs his shoulders, while Billy and Mammoth playing Super Smash Bros. and See-More trying to call Jinx on the phone. Gizmo plans for Tenebra to put a curse on Red Velvet to make her evil again, but then the Titans interrupt the whole plans. Sadly though the H.I.V.E win the battle.

Somehow the Titans are tied up in a rope while Red Velvet escapes and beats the H.I.V.E and saves the Titans. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin just shrug their shoulders and Starfire, Raven and Cyro become friends with her.