Raven secretly has feelings for Beast Boy and him too but he didn't kept it secret, at Love Struck they broke up

Hints of Attraction

Matched: Cyborg's matching machine says that Raven and Beast Boy are in love with each other so Beast Boy is trying to get Raven to love him

Terra-ized: The team thinks Raven is jealous and doesn't want Beast Boy to date Terra, but it's true

Be Mine: Raven wanted to share her feelings to Beast Boy.

Hey Pizza!: Beast Boy asks Raven what bikini she could wear

Pirates: Beast Boy went Jealous and Crazy after Raven and Aqualad are dating

Man Person: When Beast Boy changed into Scar Man, Raven just fell in love

More of The Same: Beast Boy chosed Raven as her New Year's Kiss Partner but she Rejected

Rocks & Water: They pretend they love each other and later accidentaly kisses each other and they are about to kiss seriously but Cyborg interupted it.

Untitled Future BBRae Episode: On YouTube was shown a song for Raven called All about Rae.

Love Struck: They went on a date but Cyborg wanted them Broken Up so Raven moved to Cyborg