Before this episode starts i just wana say.. This whole series is almost all based on role-plays we and Booswithanger do. This episode isn't though... Enjoy! :D

O.C Titans: Episode #2 What would we do without girls..

Matt: So..

Clinx: What? >.>

Matt: no just saying we need to find new teamates..

Clinx: Ya. Because i don't think we can just fight all by..

Matt: Ourselves.. Ya i know..

Clinx: Just who?

Matt: Lets take a walk and find out! :DDD

Clinx: Umm Ok?

-So Matt and Clinx walk for 10 Miles with nothing! XD-


Matt: Ya i know! Hey what about her!? -Points to  field-

Clinx: What Who??

Matt: -Points at girl in track field- Her <3 <3 

-Guys see a girl who is doing Track and Gymnastics-

Clinx and Matt: -Lovesick- <3 <3

Clinx: Who is she <3 <3 <3


Clinx: WAIT WHAT! -Matt pulls him to the field-

-At the field-

Cygent: Umm Hi?

Matt: -pushes Clinx out of the way- Hey Hottie

Clinx: Grrr

Cygent: -blush- Hi im Cygent and you 2 are?

Matt: Im Matt and thats my friend Clinx

Clinx: Hi.. Your Pretty....

Cygent: Aww thanks :)

Matt: We saw you doing sports and.

Clinx: -pushes Matt out of the way- We were wondering if you wanted to join out team! :D

Cygent: Wait what? Im really confused..

Matt: Hey we cant pick het she has no powers! 

Clinx: True..

Cygent: Powers? I have powers i just never use them..

Matt and Clinx: REALLY!

Cygent: -flies- Ya...

Clinx: Wow.. Pretty, Sporty and Has powers.. I'm in love..

Cygent: Haha thanks.

Matt: Ya.. So you in??

Cygent: Hmm Ok, Why Not :3

Clinx and Matt: YES! 

Matt: Alright we have a girl!

Clinx: A pretty one..