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Matthew Jones






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Mattew Jones.

Mattew Jones is a fictional character on OC Titans. (Thanks Boo for title).

Character History 

Mattew Jones is Originally from Rio, Brazil. His Parents (Melissa and Ducan Jones), Moved to Jump City when Matt was 14. His parents came home from work, (Their Animal Scientists). One day his dad slipped and Chemicals fell on Matt causing him to become "Weather Teen". He meet the titans at a battle and came in and saved them. He saw Raven and he fell for her in an instant! 


Matt is very laid-back but he has a temper problem. He doesn't like to be disturbed. He is very Quiet and likes to be lazy like BB and he LOVES Nature. (Since his parents job involves animals!). And he likes to be a "player" (similar to kid flash) ).




hanging with  Clinx, Aqualad, and Robin.

. Comics

. Nature

. Likes to talk with Starfire

. Shades


. Beast Boy (Reason being the relationship of Raven)

. Argent (He doesn't like the idea of her being "British"). (LOL HE DOESN'T KNOW ARGENT IS NOT FROM ENGLAND! XD).

. Speedy (He thinks is very "Up-tight")

. Hive 5 (Mostly Jinx) 

. Clinx (VERY annoying to him).


. Heat Blast: Can blast Fire balls on enemies

. Flying: As fast as a Hawk :3

. Lighting shock : Can shock enemies with lighting

. Great Hearing: Can hear from 20 miles away

. Snow burn: Can freeze people and give them 3rd degree burns.



Matt and Ravens Relationship is "Tough". Raven is at first embarrassed and shy around Matt because Matt was in love with Raven. But After Raven Found out he pretty much is a womanizer, Raven just tries to stay away from him.

Beast Boy

Matt and Beast Boy downright hate each other because of their love for Raven. Beast Boy doesn't like the way he Treats Raven and Acts around Her, Because he knew he was a womanizer from the minute he laid eyes on Raven.


Matt and Starfire are what you can call "Boyfriend, Girlfriend" Relationship. Matt always Comforts Star and Makes her feel good when she is sad. But Star doesn't like the fact he is always trying to kiss her even though she is dating Robin. (O.C)




Matt has Brown spikey hair, with shades.. XD and Has a red shirt (Most times) And Blue jeans or Red shorts..