Love Struck is an episode and it focusses on Beastboy & Raven's Relationship and Jinx & Cyborg's Relationship


Beastboy only has time for Raven than Cyborg, then Cyborg is having enough that Beastboy dating Raven and makes them Break Up after that Raven has moved her feelings to Cyborg, Beastboy and Cyborg had a huge fight, and then Beastboy is gonna move his feelings to Jinx


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Love Struck (transcript)


  • This is the first time Beast Boy and Raven broke up
  • This is the first time Cyborg and Raven went dating
  • The scene is cut in some countries when Cyborg is putting horse poo on Raven's Room because of innapropriate content


  • This is the second time Raven is cheating on Beast Boy, the first time was in Pirates
  • Jinx is the second Villain that Beast Boy was dating with, the first one was Terra