[Episode starting at The Titan Tower at Starfire's Room]

Starfire: Oh man! I can't speak english a bit!

[Starfire gets an lamp on her head as idea]

Starfire: I've got an idea! I will grab the Wlorgburng (Wordbook)

[Grabs The Tamaran to English Wordbook]

Starfire: Hmmm let's see....

Starfire: [Giggles when seeing Bad Words] Hahaha! F***! What a funny word!

[At The Dining Room where Cy, Rae and BB are having breakfast]

Beast Boy: [With an Nasty Face] Hey Momma, why didn't you liked my Love Song for you?

Raven: Because i don't like cute things

Beast Boy: [Angry] Worse! Even worse than our Breakup!

Raven: You didn't caused it, it was Cyborg

Cyborg: I wanted to hang out with Beast Boy but you guys are keeping dating each other

Raven: Where did you get that Poo from?

Cyborg: From The Barn! It's an horse poo!

Raven: Yuck...

[Starfire enters in]

Starfire: Hello guys! I would like a Pe***

[Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven are getting shocked]

Beast Boy: Starfire?! Who learned you that?!

Starfire: The Wlorgburng! [Shows Wordbook]

Cyborg: You know what those words mean?

Starfire: They're just funny! I am going to sing a song about it!

Starfire: ♫Oooooh, F***, Pe*** Sh**, Ca**** and aaaaaaaa**, they are the funniest words but a some of Blorgh♪

♫Don't forget, S**, R***, Wh*** and Va****♪

♫Why does people keep complaining about those great and hilarious terms♪

Raven: Because it's bad!

♪Don't be jealous that i like those f***ing funny words♫

♫Because it's not piece of, Sh****************************! Then you are a f***ing! B************************!♪

Starfire: Yeah!

Robin: [Appears out of the living room] Starfire! They're right! Stop saying those words!

Starfire: Nope! You are just motherf***ing jealous!

Robin: You don't know what they mean Star!

Starfire: S** you!

Robin: [Gets shocked and blushed]


Raven: SHUT UP! [Crushes Robin with Black Giant Magical Hand]

Starfire: Yeah Robin! Shut The H*** Up you B****

Raven: You too Star! Stop saying those terms!

Starfire: D**n you guys are annoying and stupid!

Robin: I am watching you, if you don't listen, i'll grab my whip!

Starfire: [Laser Eyes Robin] Get your filthy *ss talk anywhere else!

Beast Boy: Ugh [Jumps out of the window]

Cyborg: Rae, i need to save him again

Raven: Yes sure

[Cyborg walks right off the screen]

More Coming Soon!