Languages is an episode that is banned in all countries except United Kingdom, Brazil and Netherland


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Jump City Residents


Starfire wants to learn English (UK Version)/Dutch (NL Version)/Brazilian (BZ Version), but she gets through bad words and finds them funny and getting addicted with the words. Robin finds it's getting too far and tries to stop Starfire from Swearing


See here Languages/Transcript


  • This episode can only be watched at United Kingdom, Brazil and Netherland
  • Many people that arent living in UK, NL and BZ uses the Cartoon Network UK Version to watch the episodes, Greg (The Creator of TTG) Sued all Channel Networks for TV because of that and to remove the UK Version of Cartoon Network except in UK, BZ and NL, but people who don't use UK, BZ and NL TV Networks can still watch the English CN but the American Version
  • Beast Boy and Raven's romantic feelings for each other are once again displayed. He said she didn't liked his love song (BBRae Bae). As an Continuity from a Season 3 Episode
  • The Bad words are censored with the bleep sound effect
  • Starfire is the only protagonist to be an antagonist


  • What Robin said "I am watching you, if you don't listen, i'll grab my whip!", is an reference of Watch Me Whip by Silènto


  • Raven said to Cyborg "Where did you get that Poo from?", she is talking about the events of Love Struck.
  • Beast Boy blamed Raven she didn't liked his love song from an Season 3 Episode

Running Gags

  • Starfire saying Bad Words
  • Robin wanting Starfire to stop