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Kasey, her full name 'Kasey Lily Brown' is an grayish wolf hybrid pup. She's an honorary Teen Titan member. She's part-time hero in the Teen Titan dimension as her normal dimension is the PAW Patrol World.


Being loyal, clever, intelligent, and rather very bold- but also a bit humorous. When in-a-middle of a battle, Kasey is alert, cautious, and a bit intimidating. Being the only 'non-human'-dog member on the Teen Titans, she's commonly called "a little cutey puppy dog" mainly by Starfire and Cyborg, which annoys her. Biggest pet peeve to her is when the Titans making jokes, and dancing during battle fights. In the Teen Titans universe, the wolf dog isn't afraid to show out her inner magic powers, however monitors the level of power and strength of it as it could possibly destroy the dimension she's present in.

As Kasey's twin sister; Shadow Kasey is able to squeeze through the portal time•to•time as following her, Kasey is not as terrified of her to fight. In this, able to build up her bravery to face her in her original universe. As of in her, Kasey doesn't take bullies not so kindly. She always stands up for her Titan friends no matter how right the person that's picking on them could be. She's also confident, very honest, and reliable, however; still fears thunder storms, but tries to power through them.

At times, Kasey can be quite annoyed by Robin.


Being a double rescue hero in two universes can have advantages! As improving skills.

During an rescue mission in her PAW Patrol universe, Shadow Kasey; her evil sister opened up a dimension portal meaning to try to banish the intire team. However, only trapping Kasey.

She fell into Jump City, determined to get back when walking right into the middle of a battle between Gizmo and The Teen Titans. Almost being crushed by a tossed-falling car by Gizmo's big robot; she was saved by Starfire. Along the way with their help on getting home, Kasey helps them understand how to communicate and work together as a team. Being in their dimension, helped her strengthen up her bravery against her fears.

When finally able to find a way to get back home; Robin made Kasey an honorary member of the Teen Titans, giving her a special badge to have the ability to communicate with them, and to know when the team needs her.


Kasey is a light gray wolf hybrid with white markings on her forehead as a stripe, tail, and belly. She has darker gray on her paws. Her ears are light gray and nose are black and she has bright blue eyes. Kasey wears a navy blue collar.

PAW Patrol~

Kasey has a tan pup-tag with a grayish black satellite.

Teen Titans~

Kasey has a forest green tag with a redish black "T" and a grayish-brown paw.

Stories She Appears in

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  • Don't Underestimate Dogs! <Debut>

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  • Her main enemy in the Teen Titans World is Rex. A Doberman Pincher dog that works alongside with the hive.


Teen Titans:

"Let's end this!"

• "It's time to save the day!"

• "Stop calling me that!" (When Cyborg and Starfire calls her 'Little Cutey Puppy Doggy')

"There's nothing that I can't do!"

PAW Patrol:

"Kasey's the name, and tracking's my game!"

• "My highly trained paws are at your service!"


As her powers, there quite similar towards Ravens'. Her magic color is white. When using her magic during battles, it is effective and can cause a bit of damage.

  • Teleportation- (she uses this power to get away from criminals during battle, not for chicken, but to get them all tired out before the big ending finish. Or make things appear.)
  • Spell Casting- she has a special spell book for doing spells
  • Mystical Healing/Medical MagicKasey can use magic to heal herself or others
  • Potion Creationcan make potions from her magic
  • Telekinesis


  • Thunder storms(mainly lighting since she was striked when she was a puppy)
  • Bees
  • Clowns- like Starfire, but just because they seem freaky to her and makes her uncomfortable
  • The Dark(Kasey has on a dim night light in her Teen Titan room)


  • Kasey is friends with all the Titans. She's mainly best pals with Raven, but good friends with Starfire. She does love playing and hanging out with Cyborg, Beast Boy-and even Robin; but the girls are her go-to-friends for when she needs a girls' day, or a even shoulder to cry on(rarely).
  • Raven is her best friend in the Teen Titans since they both have something in common, and has identical powers. She loves talking with her and hanging around when just chilling.
  • When Kasey and her sister are adults, and when Shadow Kasey starts to wine-down and become nicer she gets a tad bit closer to her since she isn't a total crazy-mad dog anymore.
  • Since being a technician in the PAW Patrol, and Cyborg being a tech wiz- the two have a lot in common on gadgets and tend to build tools and gears for the team together.


  • Snowboarding
  • Ice skating
  • Tug-a-war
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Tag
  • Soccer
  • Singing(sometimes)
  • Pup Pup Boogie(in the PAW Patrol dimension)
  • Dancing to music
  • sometimes will attempt boogie boarding/surfing at the beach(usually not that good at it and prefers swimming around normally)
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