Jeremiah Jones (a.k.a Jamie Jones and Jonah) is a supervillain in Teen Titans Go!

Jamie and his parents Elenoar and Jonathan Jones were going for a walk when the Teen Titans destroyed the HIVE Tower, killing his parents but barely hurting Jamie. The next day, Jamie plotted his revenge on the Titans for killing his parents. His favorite bible character was Jonah, so he called himself Jonah.

Jonah woke up the next day, and discovered that in the explosion, he gained electrical and lightning superpowers. Luckily, the HIVE Five was near his house, and he talked to them. He went back in his apartment, and the Teen Titans showed up later.


  • Legendary Sandwich (cameo)
  • Pie Bros (cameo)
  • Super Robin (cameo)
  • Nose Mouth (cameo)
  • Breakfast Cheese (cameo)
  • Mas Y Menos (cameo)
  • Puppets.....What? (cameo)
  • Brian (cameo) [1]

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