Gizmo, Mammoth, See-More, Billy Numerous, Starfire (Frenemy), Raven (Frenemy)


Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven


Villain, Leader of the HIVE Five Swag Master (along with Rainbow Dash)

Jinx is a female villainess in Teen Titans Go. She is totes awesome and is extreme with being cool. She also is the most trusted in fighting.


Jinx is a tall, slim, limber girl with white skin and pink hair that goes up into two spikes. She wears two black bands on the spikes of her hair. For makeup she has black eyeliner and light pink blush. She also wears a dark black and purple spiky, scary, gothic looking dress. She wears purple and black striped tights with black shoes.

In the official episode "Opossites" when she kiss cyborg shows she have bones in hair


Jinx is an evil villain who wants to commit crimes and destroy the teen titans. She is extremely bossy and very rude to the other members of her own team especially See-More and Billy Numerous. Although she may be evil at times, she is actually very nice sometimes. For instance: In the episode "Girls Night Out" she became friends with Starfire and Raven and even became Cyborg's girlfriend in the episode "Opposites" so Jinx is very moody.

Episode Appearances

Total Drama Titans

Jinx is a competitor in Total Drama Titans. She has not been eliminated yet.

A Day With...

Jinx had her own episode in A Day With..., that highlighted on her life with the H.I.V.E five.