Jellica is a villain O.C. in O.C. Titans. She is the empress of the Sea.

She has the capibilities an powers similar to a Jelly Fish. She is one of the main enemies of the O.C. Titans. She has an aqua staff as her main choice of weapon. She is also the aunt of Aqualad.

Jellica 2


Jellica is mainly blue, both light and dark with Gold also on her. She has a white face with a gem on the forehead and a gold covering with blue spikes. She has a Jelly fish on her chest and is coveres in a white and blue skirt.


Electric Stun Shocks: She can conduct Electricity and shoots it in a paralysing wave with her aqua staff

Minion Calling: she can call her Jelly Fish men army. 

Good Swimmer: She is very good at swimming and can breathe underwater

Expert Fighter: She is one of the most skilled enemies the Titans have faced 

Water Control: She can control Water and morph into anything she wants it to be and solidify. She can also turn to water and solidify back.

Teleportation: She can teleport.