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My Horrible drawing of Jannet! XD By Ilovejayandzane123

Jannet (Character)

Jannet (Pronounced Jay-net) is a character made by Ilovejayandzane123.


Jannet is originally from Hawaii. She wad 13 when she moved to Jump City. She had her powers and she didn't have a lot of trouble controlling them. She was seeing the O.C Titans in Battle. She wanted to help them out. She was interested also in the Teen Titans. She took a close look at  Robin in battle. She had wanted to be part of either of the teams.


Jannet is very peaceful and calm. She is not a girly- Girly. She can be around friends like Starfire and Cygnet. But she is not a girly type. She LOVES nature (mostly animals/plants). She is a sporty person. She doesn't have a temper like Titus or Raven but she can get mad easily. She really likes Titus because they have a lot in common. She HATES H.I.V.E (Mostly Kyd and Gizmo). She doesn't have a problem with Jinx the reason of her being Clinx's Sister and she respects that. She also has a good bond with Beast Boy/ Kid Flash. She shares alot of common likes with Beast Boy /Kid Flash. 


Jannet has Fire/Nature powers. She is nice but VERY POWERFUL (Like Starfire).

. Fire Burn- Can give people very bad Burns.

. Nature ropes - Can wrap people with Nature Archway Ropes (with spikes) .

. Hex blast - (Like Jinx) She has a powerful fire blast (Can Blast people from 20 miles away)


Jannet has Long, Straight, Brown hair. She wears a Red Ninja mask. She has  a Green flame  Skirt (with Jeans), and Red Shirt. And has Green converse. She is a runner so she wants to have the good shoes. XD She is not a costume superhero. She just wants to be herself. :D And the Titans Respect that!