[scene cuts to Cyborg calling Bumblebee]

  • Cyborg: Hey, Bumblebee.
  • Bumblebee: Hello there, are you taking a day off?
  • Cyborg: Yeah, bae. You know what? The H.I.V.E. just totally rob banks and Jinx was still gone forever.
  • Bumblebee: You mean Jinx was leaving the H.I.V.E.? What?!
  • Cyborg: Yeah. I think I will be your girlfriend for a while.
  • Bumblebee: Why me?
  • Cyborg: Because Jinx and I broke up.
  • Bumblebee: And I brought a really good bracelet.
  • Cyborg: From Tenebra?
  • Bumblebee: Of course.
  • Cyborg: Yeah. I'll see you there.
  • Bumblebee: Be careful, if the H.I.V.E. would rob that library, let me know. OK?
  • Cyborg: OK.

[Cyborg hangs up the phone]

  • Robin: Titans. We have heard of Cyro being friends with Jinx but I don't think Jinx is actually a villainess so yeah, she's an anti-heroine.
  • Raven: Anti-heroine. I wished I wanted to be an anti-heroine.
  • Robin: We all know that Jinx is a bad person, she can be a good person for now on. She changed her ways.
  • Starfire: Does that mean the anti-heroes could be bad people or good people that's because they change their own ways?
  • Robin: Yes.
  • Beast Boy: People can be stuck-up and mean sometimes like Kitten, Blackfire, or Terra!
  • Robin: Good for you. I think Jinx is with Bumblebee now.
  • Cyborg: Bumblebee?! Jinx?! I can't decide. Jinx broke up with me!
  • Robin: I know. I know. Jinx broke up with you. It is replaced with a new member, Tenebra.
  • Beast Boy: She's evil, yo!
  • Rosso: Woah, did we have a good time having a day off with those stupid morons all day?
  • Robin: Yes.
  • Psychique: But how come if I would be a heroic person while the H.I.V.E. are so hostile?
  • Robin: That's because the H.I.V.E. rob stores and banks.
  • Cyro: Jinx used to rob things.
  • Robin: Good for you. But they used to rob libraries as well.
  • Fuego: That's bad news?
  • Robin: Yes. Titans go!

[Scene cuts to at the H.I.V.E. tower, the H.I.V.E. has kidnapped Bumblebee]

  • Tenebra: Welcome home, Bumblebee. You're time has come. Now I know two secrets: Cyborg got kissed
  • Gizmo: Jinx got dissed!
  • Bumblebee: Oh no you don't, Tenebra.
  • Gizmo: You found my book. Now come find me.
  • Bumblebee: But you have a book! You robbed the library!
  • Gizmo: Sorry about losing my temper. My bad.

[See-More is arguing with Kid Flash on the phone]

  • See-More: Stay away from Jinx! She's mine now!
  • Kid Flash: Oh no you don't! She knew too much.
  • See-More: Bring it on, Mr. Stealyagirl!
  • Kid Flash: I want my Jinx back, as long as she needs me!
  • See-More: Jinx quit the H.I.V.E.! She's taking her day off!
  • Kid Flash: Oh no you don't, stupid!
  • See-More: Oh yes I would!
  • Kid Flash: Jinx is mine! She's my heroine!
  • Jinx: Kid Flash! Don't listen to See-More! He's a bad guy!
  • Kid Flash: Sorry about that.
  • Tenebra: Why are you arguing over your girlfriend?
  • See-More: Kid Flash got jealous over my bae!
  • Tenebra: Calling some strangers, eh?
  • See-More: No I wouldn't!
  • Gizmo: It's really annoying and I hated it!

[phone rings]

  • See-More: Hello?
  • Beast Boy (with Jinx's voice impression): Hello? Is this Jinx?
  • See-More: What the?! Jinx?! Is that you, yo?!
  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): Hee hee hee! Ain't I so pretty?
  • See-More: More like you're stuck-up and shallow.

[Billy, Tenebra, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): [gasps] Who you calling stuck-up and shallow??
  • See-More: You're a loser and you're stupid!
  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): Man, you so ugly! I know you're my boyfriend! I'm Kid Flash's love interest now! I already got a bae!

[Billy, Tenebra, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Gizmo: Let me see! Let me see! [picks up phone] Hello?! Hello?! It better not be Beast Boy's antics, nor his pranks!
  • Billy Numerous: Sorry, but it was Beast Boy's fault!
  • Gizmo: Shut it!
  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): Hee hee hee! I'm Jinx!
  • Gizmo: Beast Boy! I know it's you!
  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): There is no Beast Boy, only Jinx!

[Billy, Tenebra, and Mammoth laugh]

  • See-More: [whining, sobbing] Come opoooooon! I wanna talk to Jiiiii-iiiiiiiii-iiiiiiinx!
  • Beast Boy (as Jinx): Like I said, there is no Beast Boy, only Jinx!

[Billy and Mammoth laugh]

  • Gizmo: [enraged] GRRRRRRR! BEAST BOY! I KNOW IT WAS YOU!
  • Beast Boy (normal voice): Uhhhhh. Sorry about that. Jinx wasn't here.
  • Beast Boy: You're a doo doo butt!

[Billy, Tenebra, See-More, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Gizmo: WHAT?!
  • Beast Boy: Stuck-up, shallow baby!

[Billy, Tenebra, See-More, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Gizmo: GRRRRRR.... I know it was Beast Boy!
  • Mammoth: We gotta crush him!
  • Tenebra: Gizmo got angry all thanks to Beast Boy's prank phone calls!
  • Billy Numerous: Because Jinx left the H.I.V.E.!
  • Rosso: Ha ha!
  • Gizmo: [picks up the phone again] Hello?!
  • Rosso (in valley girl voice): Hello, like, is this Kitten here?
  • Gizmo: Yes, Kitten? Wait! Why are you having a valley girl accent?
  • Rosso: I'm pretty as Star Butterfly, right now! Like, I'm a pretty girl!
  • Gizmo: More like a stuck-up, shallow girl!

[Billy, See-More, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Tenebra: Is this Rosso here?
  • Gizmo: Yes! It was the prank call Rosso made!
  • Rosso (normal voice): Oh no! Sorry about that!
  • Rosso (in valley girl voice): Like, there is no totally Rosso, only Kitten! Totally cute!
  • Rosso (Normal voice): Uh oh.
  • Cyborg: Whoops! Clumsy me! [whispering] Beast Boy! Now's your chance!
  • Beast Boy: Maybe I will.

[scene cuts to where Gizmo plans to destroy those Titans]

  • Gizmo: H.I.V.E.! We all need you to destroy the Titan Tower for right now!

[Beast Boy hacks the entire computer and adds pictures of babies with Gizmo's head replaced]

  • Gizmo: HEY!

[Billy, Tenebra, See-More, and Mammoth laugh]


[Beast Boy laughs]

  • Tenebra: It is funny!
  • Gizmo: I knew it was Beast Boy!
  • Raven: Whatever.

[Cyborg laughs even more]

  • Gizmo: STOP!

[Cyborg hacks the entire computer and adds more embarrassing pictures of Gizmo such as Gizmo in a devil costume, Gizmo in a bunny costume, Gizmo in a banana suit chased by a gorilla, and many others]

  • Gizmo: Oh no!

[Billy, Tenebra, See-More, and Mammoth laugh]

  • Billy Numerous: No! No! NOOOO!
  • Gizmo: Because of those obnoxious Titans!

[H.I.V.E. members, except Gizmo stand up, point at the pictures, and laugh]

  • Gizmo: STOP IT!

[Rosso places more whoopee cushions on the couch]

  • See-More: That was funny!

[Billy Numerous sits down and hears a fart noise]

  • Billy Numerous: What was that?
  • Gizmo: I dunno. Probably you just farted.

[See-More sits down and hears a fart noise]

  • See-More: Hey! Who did that?

[Mammoth sits down and hears a fart noise]

  • Mammoth: It wasn't me!

[Tenebra sits down and hears a fart noise]

  • Tenebra: Oh my! That was rude! [is angry at Mammoth]
  • Mammoth: I'm sorry!
  • Gizmo: THAT IS IT! I AM DONE!

[Cyborg places a whoopee cushion on the floor]

  • Gizmo: Those stupid pranks...

[Beast Boy steals Gizmo's jetpack]


[Gizmo falls on the floor and hears a fart noise]

  • Gizmo: It isn't April Fool's Day!

[the H.I.V.E. members and the Titans laugh]

  • Fuego: Funny! So funny!

[Beast Boy turns off all of the lights; the H.I.V.E. gasp]

  • Tenebra: What was that?
  • Gizmo: I don't know. It was probably something strange has happened.
  • Billy Numerous: Uh oh.
  • See-More: It's getting weird, yo!

[Beast Boy cuts holes on the sheets]

  • Beast Boy: Time for more scares!

[Beast Boy puts it over his head]

  • Billy Numerous: Oh no!

[hears moans]

  • Gizmo: H.I.V.E. Tower is haunted!
  • Tenebra: Run for your lives!

[Beast Boy is in a white sheet]

  • Beast Boy: BOO!

[The H.I.V.E. screams]

  • Tenebra: RUN!

[The H.I.V.E. runs off]

  • See-More: There's a ghost in the tower!

[Beast Boy runs around the tower, moaning]

  • Mammoth: Beast Boy?!
  • See-More: Mammoth! Catch that ghost!

[Tenebra and Billy laughs]

  • Tenebra: I'm not that scared, it was funny, though!

[Mammoth chases the ghost]

  • Mammoth: I will get you ghost!
  • See-More: Uh oh!

[the ghost chases See-More and Billy Numerous back]

  • Gizmo: Stop that annoying ghost!
  • Rosso: Oh my gosh!
  • Cyborg: So funny!
  • Raven: I hate everything...
  • Bumblebee: Go BB!
  • Psychique: Well, that wasn't so bad at all.
  • Cyro: Yay!
  • Robin: Beast Boy! Watch out!
  • Beast Boy: Ooooooooo-! [See-More takes off the sheet] Hey?! Can't you see I'm not acting like a ghost anymore?
  • See-More: Nah man, it's inappropiate.
  • Gizmo: I agree! Let's kick him out the tower!

[The H.I.V.E. kicks Beast Boy out of the tower]

  • Robin: Starfire! Set Bumblebee free!
  • Starfire: I have the Bumblebee!

[Starfire unties her up]

  • Bumblebee: Thank you so much!
  • Raven: You did it again, Robin. Setting people free.
  • Cyro: Woah, woah, woah. The H.I.V.E. are trying to kick us out of the tower! What were they thinking?!
  • Psychique: I dunno. Send the H.I.V.E. to jail.
  • Fuego: That's the worst idea ever.
  • Jinx: I was good at fighting crime no matter what. Thank you for all your help for freeing Jinx.
  • Billy Numerous: Yeah. You're so awesome at this Jinx.
  • Psychique: Good thing Jinx turned very good.