Graynatronic is a new member of the CY-Raiders. He was originally nicknamed Carkle, but instead the Teen Titans named him Graynatronic.


He was once built to be a children's entertainer in Robin Fazhuman's Pizza, he was going so well but than he malfunctioned and got dismantled and thrown away. 1 year later, he was found by a green boy, and took him to a T-shaped tower. Graynatronic told what the green boy's name is, and it was Beast Boy. Beast Boy shown Graynatronic the Teen Titans. He was named Carkle and said his name to them. They thought it was a weird name, so Cyborg came up with "Graynatronic." 3 years later, he got a random human voice box (A thing that makes things talk well) and inserted it in Graynatronic. He finally can talk, and he said he wanted to become friends with Beast Boy. Later, Beast Boy got captured by Graynatronic's friends from Robin Fazhuman's Pizza. He than tried to save Beast Boy, and it was successful. 2 years later, he found the CY-Raiders. He then asked them if he could be a new member and they said yes. He was now part of the Teen Titans and CY-Raiders.

Powers and abilities

  • Huge lasers: Was programmed by a unknown person.


  • He is also a user in this wiki.