"Five Nights at Robin's" is a parody of Scott Cawthon's "Five Nights at Freddy's." In this episode, a guard works as a nightwatcher at Robin's Pizza. She notices that the animatronics have a curse on them.


  • Raven (nightwatch)
  • Robin (Main enemy)
  • Beast boy (debut)
  • Cyborg (debut)
  • Starfire (debut)
  • Phone Guy (debut)
  • Raven 2.0 (debut)
  • Golden Robin (easter egg)

hive characters (Easter egg) dr light


Raven was reading a newspaper and saw a "Help Wanted" for "Robin's Pizza". She accepted it and flew to the pizzeria. It was 12:00 AM, and the animatronics, Robin, Chica, Cyborg and Starfire were alive and had to kill that guard. Phone Guy has sent a voice message to Raven, saying: "Hello? Hello? I'm just wondering, the animatronics have a curse on them and they will try to forcefully stuff you inside Robin's suit." Since Raven had 2 doors, 2 lights to see animatronics at the door, and a camera, which DRAIN power, made Raven lucky. Later, Cybonnie had teleported to the diner room. Raven saw that with the camera. She was still safe. 2 minutes later, Beast boy has teleported at the right hall. Raven was scared. After 5 seconds, Raven turned on the right door's light and there, she saw Beast boy at the door. She quickly closed the door. And then Starfire started dashing down the halls. Raven was sweating. She quickly closed that door. Then after Beast boy left the door. Cyborg went to the corner then to the door. Raven didn't notice and when she pulled down the cameras. She checked the lights. And she saw Cyborg at the door. She closed the door before he could disable the doorlights. Then when it became 5:59 am. The power turned off. Robin quickly went to the door. Before Robin could even kill Raven. Raven turned the clock to 6:32. Then she went back to the T tower then she came back at night 3. Then in 4:51 AM. She viewed the corner cam. And she saw... What do you think Raven would do? Do you think she saw Golden Robin?? You will find out in PART 3! (coming out in 2015 Feburary 5th.