The Titans were so tired of fighting villians everyday, that they just needed a 2 week vaca. so they built 5 robots to kick villian behind. however at night they try to get to the bed rooms and kill the titans after seeing this once, the titans decided to make one titan watch them every night. they drew cards, it was Robin. Robin took the shift for one week and then another titan would take it the next, but on Robin's fourth night he went missing. so the titans drew another card, this time it was Beast Boy. now every night (until the titans vacation is over) Beast Boy has to watch the cameras and shut the doors to make sure HE doesn't go missing, and to find out what happened to Robin. fortunately for him, Robin, left recordings for BB.


  • Robie
  • Cyborg (Fnar)
  • Beast Boy (fnar)
  • Starfire (Fnar)
  • Golden Age Robie

Titans Tower

Robie, Cyborg, and Starfire all start downstairs. then there is an elevator, and then there is the living room, and a workout room, there is also a kitchen and a bathroom. there is a left and right hallway, along with corners. and then there are two hallways in the bedroom area (where you are). there is also a back hallway (where Beast Boy is) next to the left hallway.