FNaF Raven (Ravenoxy 2.0) is an animatronic MORE creepy version off Raven, much like Beast Chica. shes appears in Five Night at Robin's


Ravenoxy 2.0 will start in Titan Cove with Beast Chica and Starfoxy. Raven will try to kill the player on the right door. She will pass the dining area using black magic to throw the tables off dining area in all places off dining area. She will run (flying) in East Hall. when she returns to Titan Cove she will arrange the tables with black magic.


The only new thing is: Ravenoxy 2.0 has a blue-gray cap, and 2 fox ears with the colors pink and white, like Foxy 2.0's ears.


If she kills you by closing the door, she will kill you like Starfoxy. If she kill you while using the monitor, she will put down your monitor with dark magic and transform into an intergalactic demon screaming.


She is the only animatronic who knows Levitate.

Her dark magic is similar to Terra's earth power.

When she uses dark magic, she says "AZARATH METREON ZINTHOS!" You can hear her saying this while she is throwing the tables in the Dining Area.