The FNaF Beast Boy (Beast Chica) is a creepy version of Beast Boy, and he appears in "Five Nights at Robin's."

FNaF Beast Boy




Children's entertainer

Skin color:

Dark gray

Eye color:



Inactive (Alive at night)


FNaF Starfire, FNaF Robin, FNaF Cyborg


Mike Schmidt (You)

Voiced By:

Troy Baker [[Lewis Black] (Formerly)


Most likely the animatronics from FNaF, and he starts off at Titan Cove with Starfoxy and Ravenoxy 2.0. When he is peeking out of the curtains of the cove, his eyes glow. When he is about to run to the West Hall and to the office to kill Mike, he opens his mouth wide open. When he is running down the west hall, he turns into a rhino, thrashing through the objects. When he reaches the office, he does the "XSCREAM." This is the scream when the animatronics kill the player.

FNaR 2

Starts off at Animal Cove, where he is lying down at the ground, BEATEN UP by kids. When he is activated, he crawls to the main hall, holding his eyeball. When he reaches the player's office, staring at the hall when the lights are turned on, he is upside down. When you put on "Robin's Cape," he will kill you, and put you in Parts/Service.


  • In FNaR 2, he has white skin.
  • Since the original Chica is a girl, it is unknown if Beast Chica is a girl or what not. I rather say that he is a boy...
  • Why should Chica be in Pirate Cove in this?