Evildoers Beware..Cloak


Cloak wants to get Raven to be evil, so he plays a rock, paper, scissors match with her, and Cloak bumps Raven's head! But is Cloak really Cloak?

Part 1

Cloak: Rock!

Raven: Scissors!

Cloak: Yeah! (bumps Raven's head)

Raven: Heh Heh!

Cloak: Scissors

Raven: Rock!

(Later, Raven suddenly attacks the Titans and Aqualad)

Beast Boy: Stop, Raven, please!

Aqualad: This is a real bad idea, help!

Robin: I order you to stop, Raven!

Raven: No! (leaves 5 seconds later)

Robin: Do you have a.. Time Machine, Cyborg?

Cyborg: Yep!

Robin: Excellent! Aqualad, watch the Tower.

Part 2

(Raven and Cloak are outside the tower)

Raven: Ha ha Ha! That was fun.

Cloak: Yeah, that was so fun! Let's destroy them later.

Raven: Got it.

( Cloak shows her a robot she could use to attack the Titans)

Raven: Does this use my powers?

(The Titans are 1 hour into the past)

Robin: Raven, get out of this room, now!

Cloak(secretly Aqualad): No Way!

Raven: I'll go!

(future comes up close)

Raven(unconsious): What happened? I feel bad.

Aqualad: (captures Raven) There's no way you're gonna forget this.

Raven: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Stop it, Aqualad!

Pizza Guy: Hey Pizza! Stop it right there, criminal! You can't capture people like that! (Puts Aqualad in a bag)

Police Officer: So this man was capturing Rachel Roth aka Raven?

Pizza Guy: Yep! I saw it.

Starfire: Hold it right there, Pizza Guy!

Pizza Guy: Whoa! I saw Aqualad capturing your friend Raven.

Starfire: You did?

Aqualad: Hello! I can't see!

Starfire: No you didn't.

Pizza Guy: Ask Raven.

Starfire: Fine.

Police Officer: I saw it on this security camera.

Aqualad (in jail): I promise you! Cloak will get his revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven: Shut Up, Dumbo.

Part 3

Aqualad: Never!

Cloak: Hi, Aqualad.

Aqualad: Who goes there?

Cloak; It's Me, Cloak.

Aqualad: Well, Cloak.

Cloak: Hide!

Past Aqualad: I promise you, Cloak will..........HA!

Past Raven: Please Be Quiet, Dumbo.

Aqualad: Uh-Oh!

Cloak: It's within my power, and let's go forward in time, and outside.

Future Cloak: Is it me, or did you go back in time?

Future Aqualad: Hey!