Duckman Part 2

The Titans were walling around the town when suddenly a giant duck robot comes around the corner. "QUAACK!" he said. It

was a sonic blast! The titians were thrown to the other side of  town.

except  Duckman because  he jumped on the robot and started to chase the titans. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAH" he said because

he was evil. "Traitor!" yelled Starfire because she was mad and Cyborg shot a bam across the city that hit the duck man

square in the face.  OWWWWYY he yelled because Cyborg hit him with a sonic blast BOOYAAA yelled Cyborg because he

was feeling good about himself. Starfire was like YOUR JUST AN UGLY BUMGOLF (or something) and used

her laser vision. Raven didn't really know ot care what was going on but she uprooted a building  and slammed it

on  Duckman  for kicks. Duckman robot fell down. "I AM NOT DONE FOR YET!" screamed Duckman.  About then

Mammoth fell from the moon because he was clumsy and was falling so fast that he started flaming and then hit Duckman

with a huge kaboom. "UUUURGH" said the Duckman because he was evil, and defeated. Then magically the city was

raised form its destruction and everything was back to normal.

The (real) End