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'Clinx is a member of the OC Titans. He (is now) Jinx's younger brother.


Clinx is a metahuman, his homeland is unknown for now. He, when little, read a lot of books about wizards hoping one day to become one and join a good team. When he was a teenager (which is now) he found a wand in a market that claimed real magic. However, the wand was strict from getting, so in the night he went and stole it. He used the wand to defeat the police after him, making him have a semi-criminal record. However, once he held the wand, it changed him and such. So now he usually has to control his temper and other things that happens to him. He is part of the H.I.V.E Five. (Since his SISTER JINX told him to!).


Clinx, normally, is kinda spoiled, but yet calm at the same time. When he has the wand he can easily control his emotions, but has a big temper, which goes along with him normally.


Clinx has light grey skin (due to the wand), has small square glasses, brown hair with small blonde hair in it, and wears a purple cape.


  • He can shoot powerful plasma beams from his hand (when holding wand)
  • Telekinesis
  • Levitation



Clinx's and Raven's Relationship is "Un-touched" They are friends but Raven doesn't usually talk to him, Because Raven finds him quite rude at times. But they respect each other and help out each other when times are rough. Proving him and Raven to be good friends.

Matthew Jones

Clinx and Matt are... "Tough" Friends they both usually fight over useless things. But Clinx doesn't like the fact he plays and wants all the good women we can. (Like Raven and Cygent, Etc.) Despite their differences they are good friends and help each other alot.


Clinx and Jinx are very tough on each other. Them being the only Relatives they have. They have a tough Brother and Sister relationship. They always are calling each other names, (stupid, Idiot, Etc) But they also understand each others differences they are a Relationship waiting to grow.


Clinx and Cygnet are what Clinx calls a "healthy relationship", They are in love with each other and they never fight. But Clinx can get very tempered when Matt tries to flirt with his Girlfriend. Cygnet and Clinx both respect their likes and dislikes. Making them a good relationship  They have kissed before comforting their love.


Jannet and Clinx are not the "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" Type of couple. They do have a special bond and a good friendship because when they are together its makes them a "happy bunch" and they fight very good together and work well together but Jannet understands the Relationship he has with Cygnet and Clinx understands the crush Jannet has on Titus.