Branden is a another hero of the OC Titans.


Branden is from Hollywood ,Californa. He moved to Jump City when he was 13. He is 15 1/2 now. He saw the OC'S in Battle and helped them out, He took a close look at the fighting and he was impressed mostly how the girls fight.


Branden has Brown spikey hair, He has Hazel eyes and wears a Green Cape with Red shirt and Black shorts.


. Dark powers= He has Black demon magic. (like Raven's use)

. Flame thrower= He can throw Fireballs at Enemy's

He has dark demon magic and Fire powers.


Branden is very Calm. He can dosen't get mad alot, And when he is you could say he is one of the most "mad" Of the O.C Titans. But he mostly is very calm and can be very witty at times.