Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is an apprentice of the vigilante Batman and minor character in Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Batgirl, the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, began her career as a solo fighter who occasionally joined [atman and Robin in fighting crime in Gotham. When Robin left Batman to become his own hero, Batgirl became Batman's main sidekick.

Later on, she became an ally of the Teen Titans International and was invited to join the Titans East party in the episode "Starliar.

In "Staring at the Future," Beast Boy and Cyborg traveled to an alternate future after a 30 year staring contest. There, they found Batgirl married to Robin (who now goes by the name Nightwing), living together in Titans Tower with their three kids.

When Beast Boy and Cyborg tried to change the future using a time machine, Nightwing summoned Starfire and Raven to stop them. In the commotion, Batgirl appeared and shushed her husband for making so much noise... he was disturbing the children. In this moment of distraction, Beast Boy and Cyborg end up going back in time and change the future so Batgirl and Nightwing never got together.

In "Starliar," Batgirl is seen at the Titans East Dance Party, where she dances with Aqualad.

The Titans vandalize a statue of a mermaid to make is resemble Batgirl in "Slumber Party".

Batgirl makes a cameo appearance inside Robin's imaginary yearbook in "Yearbook Madness". It's suggested she is in love with Robin, because in Starfire's yearbook, it said, "back off of my man!"

Physical Appearance

Displayed as a slender and beautiful teenager, Batgirl has so far only been seen in her costume. It's ultra-tight and colored almost entirely black. All of the accessories, including boots, gloves, and utility belt are yellow. The bat symbol, borrowed from her mentor, is also colored yellow. The gauntlets she wears bare League of Shadows spikes on them, also adopted from Batman. A short, jagged purple cape hangs from her back which really should be categorized as a napkin 'cause it's so small, and her red hair is drawn up in a high but sometimes low ponytail. Her face is half-concealed by the Bat-mask, but what can be seen is her sky-blue eyes and pink lipstick.

In "Staring at the Future," Batgirl's appearance slightly changes. Her mask and suit are now colored black, but her hair is let down far below her back, her boots have high-heels, and her cape is now blue and shorter.


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