Shauna Dent, better known by her hero name "Barbella", is a member of the Teen Titans. In Teen Titans GO!, Grey DeLisle reprises in her role as Barbella. Unlike Teen Titans, where even though she's easily frustrated and can be a tad ditsy she takes her enemies and her battles seriously and is able to keep her composure when necessary, this version of Barbella goes ballistic even in dire situations if things aren't going according to plan, fails to come to even the most obvious of conclusions, and treats fighting enemies like a frivilous thing. In the episode "Staring at the Future" it is revealed that Barbella has been dead for years and the killer was her father, Two-Face. Since that episode, Barbella has been the butt of a running gag in which she dies in almost every episode and is inexplicably fine the next episode or even later in the same episode, similar to Kenny from South Park.