Anarky's costume


Anarky wears an all red jumpsuit, along with black and red boots, a black cape, black gloves, a red hood, and a golden mask with red around the eyes. Without the mask, he has red hair and blue eyes.


He despises authority, and wants to free the world from oppression (starting with jump city). He believes that the Teen Titans are a symbol of oppression, and decides to destroy them.


Lonnie Manchen grew up feeling oppressed by the government. He decided that government was unnecessary and decided that Anarchy was the best way to go. When the Teen Titans moved into Jump City, Lonnie decided that he would act upon his views, starting with the teen titans. He took up the moniker of Anarky, and vowed to rid the city of the "oppressive" titans. He tricks raven into joining his cause, but she betrays him when she sees him savagely beating robin with a lead pipe. She snapped his neck, paralizeing him from the neck down.