[At the H.I.V.E. Tower, Jinx stands out to the H.I.V.E.]

  • Jinx: H.I.V.E., sad news. I am leaving the Titans and joining the Honorary Titans right now.
  • See-More: Why?
  • Jinx: Because I have a crush on Kid Flash, sorry about the things I've done, and met the new heroes here.
  • Gizmo: That's OK. Good thing we have a new member here.
  • Jinx: I'm very unhappy about this but I'm joining the Honorary Titans.
  • Mammoth: Why are you so sad?
  • Jinx: It was tragic. I'm not a villainess. Good thing I changed my ways.
  • Billy Numerous: Interesting.
  • Jinx: Yeah. It was kinda good, I want to be friends with someone. Better luck next time!

[Jinx walks away]

  • See-More: See you later, sweetie!
  • Billy Numerous: Have a nice day!

[At the Titans Tower, Robin stands out to the other Titans]

  • Robin: Titans! There is a new Honorary Titan.
  • Cyborg: Who is she?
  • Robin: Jinx. She changed her ways!
  • Beast Boy: What do you mean she changed her ways? I thought she's a villainess!
  • Robin: Jinx says that being a villainess is overrated so she quits the H.I.V.E.!
  • Starfire: Will she be the replaced with the new member?
  • Robin: Yes.
  • Raven: Can a new member be female?
  • Robin: Sure thing.

[At the H.I.V.E. tower, See-More is sobbing because he missed Jinx]

  • See-More: I lost Jinx, yo!
  • Billy Numerous: What's wrong?
  • See-More: Jinx is gone. I want to wait for Jinx...
  • Gizmo: Jinx is not a villainess! She's an anti-heroine!

[A shadow appears floating]

  • Gizmo: Who's that she-goth?
  • Mammoth: I dunno.

[It is Tenebra. She is floating and uses purple aura]

  • Tenebra: Hello friends. It is I. Tenebra. Jinx is gone now, but I'm still here. And I know everything.
  • Gizmo: Tenebra. You're still here!
  • Tenebra: I know. But Jinx is now on the Honorary Titans side.
  • See-More: Tenebra? Finally you're still here!
  • Tenebra: Yep. I'm the girl H.I.V.E. member.
  • Mammoth: Where's Jinx?

[Jinx is walking down to see Argent]

  • Argent: Jinx! You're not a villain!
  • Jinx: I am not?
  • Kole: You're not the villain, you're a hero! You have a crush on Kid Flash!
  • Jinx: Yeah. I'm an outcast once.
  • Bumblebee: Good thing you're not an evil person!
  • Kid Flash: Hey, bae.
  • Jinx: Kid Flash! You're here!

[hearts pop out of Jinx's eyes]

  • Kid Flash: Listen, you need to fight Cinderblock once and for all!
  • Jinx: Good idea!
  • Cyro: I got this!

[Cyro freezes Cinderblock]

  • Jinx: Cool!
  • Bumblebee: Way to go, Cyro! Jinx! Now's your chance!

[Jinx manipulates and puts the bad luck on Cinderblock, causing Cinderblock's frozen remains to be crushed]

  • Cyro: Way to go, Jinx!
  • Jinx: Welcome. I was the only one who is still the outcast. I think it was either Raven, me, or Argent.
  • Kole: What about Tenebra?
  • Jinx: She's a H.I.V.E. member! A total villainess!
  • Cyro: I know but don't listen to her, please.
  • Bumblebee: Sure thing you're not a villainess anymore, but you're the greatest heroine!

[At the Titans Tower, Raven is reading a book]

  • Raven: So, where's Jinx anyway?
  • Robin: She's ready to fight crime. I meant to say was she's a heroine now.
  • Cyborg: Hero what?
  • Robin: Heroine. When a person is a female, she's a heroine.
  • Beast Boy: You mean Hermione?
  • Robin: No. Heroine.
  • Starfire: I know the hero of the rine! She is a beautiful woman who turns out to be the heroic, the brave, and the strong!
  • Robin: That's an interesting idea. Yes, Raven.
  • Raven: Can See-More and Jinx fall in love?
  • Robin: Of course. But I kinda like the way Jinx has feelings with Kid Flash, anyway.
  • Raven: Did Kid Flash call Jinx a bae?
  • Robin: Yes.

[At the H.I.V.E. tower, Tenebra is still with See-More serving coffee]

  • Tenebra: I remember the time Jinx was still here and she caused all of the bad luck.
  • See-More: Yeah, yo. She gots them moves!
  • Tenebra: And Raven said, "I wanted to be friends with you anyway. Let's go hang out with Argent and Psychique."
  • See-More: Uh-huh. I saw Argent with Raven, Psychique, and Jinx.
  • Tenebra: That sounds kinda cool. Jinx can be cute, but she can be really chaotic!
  • Billy Numerous: What are you doing here with some coffee?
  • Tenebra: See-More and I were hanging out, I guess?
  • Gizmo: Coffee, huh? I'm 5 years old and did you bought those from a coffeehouse company or something, like Starbucks, possibly?
  • See-More: Yeah. I lost my bae, Jinx.
  • Mammoth: Aw, that's OK. Jinx will maybe becoming a friendly person.
  • Tenebra: Yeah. [Tenebra flies out of the tower]
  • Gizmo: I think Tenebra can be way better.
  • Mammoth: Yeah. She can be friendly sometimes.
  • Billy Numerous: And peaceful.

[At the Titans Tower, Raven is screaming from the top of her lungs, finding out that Jinx was still here]

  • Raven: Jinx?! How did you get in here?
  • Jinx: I was a villainess once, but now I was an outcast superheroine.
  • Raven: You're a Honorary Titan?
  • Jinx: Yeah. I heard you screaming but I thought you were scared of me.
  • Raven: I can be way creepy sometimes.
  • Jinx: Sorry for frightening you.
  • Raven: That's OK. You and I were friends once.
  • Starfire: What is all the hanging out?
  • Raven: Jinx frightened me, so I just wanted to talk to her. Conversations. Something.
  • Starfire: Something strange?
  • Raven: Jinx wanted a cat.
  • Jinx: I brought all of my poison bottles.
  • Starfire: The human spirit is the hard thing to kill. Even with the sharp, deadly guillotines, knives, guns, and other weapons.
  • Jinx: Good thing I'm having a crush on either Kid Flash or See-More.
  • Raven: She can't decide.

[Tenebra was calling Raven on the phone]

  • Raven: You're a H.I.V.E. member, but how?
  • Tenebra: I was only kidding. I was the new member now. Now I'm going to hunt you down and destroy that tower of yours...
  • Raven: But I thought you were way worse than Jinx.
  • Tenebra: She's a heroine now. But I'm Tenebra.
  • Starfire: Lemme try! [Starfire calls Tenebra] Is this the Starfire?
  • Tenebra: Yes. [chuckles evilly] Be careful, Gizmo tried to kill you.
  • Starfire: [gasp] I'm telling the Beast Boy! [runs off]
  • Beast Boy: Tenebra? Is she a villainess?
  • Starfire: She got the deadly little secret! The Gizmo tried to kill me!
  • Cyborg: And?
  • Starfire: Jinx is now the heroine!
  • Robin: That's good news!
  • Cyborg: I think she's a demon girl from another dimension.
  • Beast Boy: Or a Gothic beauty that looked like Wednesday Addams without braids!
  • Raven: No no no no. She's like Debbie Hyman and Henrietta from South Park combined but only when she had magical powers.
  • Starfire: I don't remember the Debbie of the Hyman anymore.

[Tenebra teleports out of nowhere]

  • Robin: [gasp] How did that came out of nowhere?
  • Tenebra: Hello, fellow titans. Ready for a lesson?
  • Cyborg: [screams] Oh no!
  • Tenebra: Let me tell you something. I wanna go ahead and try with you, Raven. Jinx got kissed, you got kissed, and dissed.
  • Raven: [bluntly] Freak.

[Tenebra takes the hood off of Raven, puts on her black lipstick, kisses her in the cheek, and Raven screams again]

  • Raven: Never! Never! [Raven flies out of the tower] You will never kiss me! I'm not a lesbian!
  • Tenebra: Come back! [pursues Raven]
  • Raven: But how?
  • Tenebra: You'll know why! [shoots out laser beams from her magical hands]
  • Raven: Enough with the spell casting already! [dodges the laser beams]
  • Gizmo: Hey, snotans! I got something I gotta tell you. Tenebra is evil, alright! [evil laughter]
  • Raven: Gah! It can't be! Jinx is the heroine. Who's going to fight Tenebra?

[Jinx is walking as Psychique and Argent lift her arms up and stands on top of the tower. Argent is shown floating and is shooting out red lasers]

  • Argent: I got your back now.
  • Beast Boy: Awwwww yeah!
  • Cyborg: That's right, baby!
  • Psychique: But we still have time. Tenebra is the H.I.V.E. member, the H.I.V.E. are one of the most villainous evildoers of all time!
  • Jinx: Yeah, but I just wanted to say this. [points to the sky] Hey, Tenebra! Look over there!
  • Tenebra: [looks up] Where?
  • Jinx: SYKE! [uses black luck to punish Tenebra] See-More's mine now! [kisses See-More]
  • See-More: Awww, thank you.
  • Billy Numerous: We're all together, alright.
  • Jinx: Tenebra, I was sorry but I think we can be friends sometimes.
  • Tenebra: Yeah, despite we are being the bad guys.
  • Robin: Good job, Jinx! You have interesting skills!
  • Raven: Way to go, Jinx. I'm so totally blunt right now.
  • Argent: What stupid skills?
  • Robin: Fighting skills!
  • Psychique: Like, crime-fighting something?
  • Argent: Does floating count?
  • Beast Boy: Yes, it's the big deal!

[Argent stands up towards Robin]

  • Argent: OK. I am welcoming you to meet Jinx, she's a Gothic beauty.
  • Bumblebee: She's our greatest helper but she can be very nice.
  • Cyro: Jinx can be the most prettiest Goth girls of all time.
  • Cyborg: Man, I love Jinx.
  • See-More: BACK OFF SHE'S MINE! YO!
  • Cyborg: No, you back off!
  • Beast Boy: Quit arguing!
  • Cyborg: Sorry.
  • See-More: Sorry to you, too.
  • Raven: As we can say that again! She's a Gothic beauty!

[Raven winks and smiles]