A Day With See-More

Oh, Hey. I'm See-More. Today I'm going to talk about my day for that "A Day With..." Serois.

I wake up at 7:00, before Jinx and a little before Gizmo and Kyd Wykked. But Billy wakes up to play video games and Mammoth works out real quick. I just do a normal routine nothing specal: get dressed and brush teeth. Then I just go to the kitchen and try to savange whatever I can find. The good thing about having 5 other roommates is that I have friends by my side. The worst thing is food disapears, along with sharing bathrooms. When I come back I see Gizmo working on an invention, and Wykked just reading. I never have anything to do, so I just watch Billy and wait for Jinx. NEVER tell anyone this but I just really like Jinx. When comes by I can't help but just complement her and everything.