This is the 3rd episode of my new series, A Day With... , featuring how Starfire's day goes, ENJOY. Made by Jinx666

A Day With... Starfire 

COME IN. Oh JOY a new friend, tell me, where did you come from, how did you get here, what is your favorite colour, do you wish to be my friend. OH JOY. You want to hear about my day? Oh yes they are very "what they call on earth" awesome. Well my day first goes off at...

6:00am I wake up to have a fun day with an early morning, to have more fun! I go downstairs and have my favorite cereal Glangplang snaps, a tamoranian choice of breakfast. I highly recommend them as your morning choice of cereal. After the have ate all of the Glangplangs, i go into my room to feed the silkie his booza berries, another food source on tamoran. After the Silkie has been fed, i groom the silkie with his special hair comb. He is also very playful and we both love to play catch, hide and seek, dressup together and we have soo much fun! 

7:00am I go into the living room and help my fellow titans exercise except Raven, She doesn't exercise even though i believe it makes you fit and healthy. So i join the titans with their exercising practice and Beast Boy asks me if i want a chip. Now i know it is unhealthy but i take it anyway because i love love love chips.

12:00am we have lunch together, i like eating sandwiches, especially one of Robin's, he refers himself as the master of Sandwiches, its funny

2:00pm i go to the mall of shopping where i buy new clothes for myself, sometimes i get ome for other titans espiecially Raven, but the ones i get Raven, i always see in the dust bin. I also get delicious earthfood like mustard and hotdogs there, it is CRAAAZY